What We Do

    Sure, we raise livestock, but we hope the legacy we leave to this world goes far beyond being remembered for our eggs and ground beef. We want to leave the land much better than how we found it and are learning new techniques to practice often. As a family of faith we also believe that we are stewards to the land that God has allowed us to work for Him and His bounty should be given to those in our community in need as well. 
  • Raise and Sell the absolute best Chickens, Rabbits, Goats, Duck, and Beef Products we can
  • Continue learning and practicing land regeneration consistently 
  • Help our community 
  • Remember to be a light of God in every handshake, deal and receipt we print. 
  • Be Transparent with our practices 


We believe being honest and transparent with our customers is paramount. We believe it is a lot easier to be honest and transparent when you have nothing to hide as well. We come from a long line of well respected Florida cattlemen and farmers and we are honored to carry on their legacy!