Tommy Bahama "Flavors of the Southern Coast" Cookbook

  After a strict vetting process that saw up to 10 members of the Tommy Bahama staff come out to the Circle 6 Farm and Ranch to make sure we were what they were looking for to be included in their book.


"They wanted a chicken farmer to be included...they came out, liked our approach to ranching and how we treated our livestock and figured we were good enough to be in their book, I am very proud of that", says Leonard Horak. 


They did a 4 page article on Circle 6 in their 2016 edition including many pictures of the land.  


In the article Leonard speaks highly of the "direct contact" with the customer", an art-from that is greatly lost. Circle 6 tries to take away the middle man and allows our customer to come straight to us and build a relationship. "We want you to know how your food is raised, how it is fed, and how it is processed... we want that for you and you should want it for yourself to be honest" says Jay, Circle 6 livestock manager. Leonard continues in the article stating, "The people are what makes my job a joy. Our demographic runs from 20 to 70, but they have one thing in common: they all want better, cleaner food. And we can provide it! But I will never get so big that I cant accommodate the natural way to grow food".