Refund and Delivery Policy


Take pictures of the meat. E-mail us or call us immediately. If you wait more than 24 hrs after it is in your possession, we unfortunately can not help. We take no responsibility after it has been in your possession for more than 24hrs. Please call Leonard @ 813-493-7921 or email Jay at and we will work together to find the best plan of action for you. 



We only deliver our Monthly Large and Medium Box options. We deliver your monthly boxes on the first Tuesday of each month within 75 miles of our farm. If you are outside of that radius please email or call with a location to meet us to pick up your boxes. 


If you will not be home and cannot find someone to be at your location within the 9am-2pm delivery time please call or email us immediately. In this circumstance we will most likely suggest the farm pickup by appointment option.