Management Plans

At Circle 6 we believe in the very simple, yet rarely practiced plan of allowing the livestock to be as comfortable and happy as they can be. To us that means...
  • Allowing them fresh and ample amounts of earth to move around at their leisure.
  • Allowing them to eat naturally 
  • Giving them comfortable and safe sleeping and roaming areas
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Humane and ethical processing 


Layer Hens: We let them out of their custom built chicken houses a few hours after daylight every day, allowing them to roam freely feeding on bugs and grass on several acres of predator safe fencing throughout the day. At night we give them roughly a quarter cup per bird of an organic layer pellet and repeat the process daily. Our chicken tractors are much more than large enough to house the number of birds in each house comfortably. Our eggs are gathered DAILY from our layer hens. While not government certified, our layer hen management plan is organic. 


Meat Chickens: We use Royal Rangers and Cornish X on our ranch. We use the "chicken tractor" method with no less than 2 square feet of space allotted per bird. We move these every 24/48 hours around our large pasture which gives the chickens new grass and bugs while simultaneously providing our soil with enriched nutrients from the chicken manure. We supplement with roughly a quarter cup of chick starter per bird daily. 


Cattle: We rotational graze roughly 30-50 head on our land at any given time. Allowing the grass to be fertilized and grow while the cows move from paddock to paddock allows fresh grass and sufficient nutrients to be consumed year round. We also supplement with mineral as well as hay and protein packed molasses tubs in the winter to make sure the cattle are taking in sufficient nutrients for optimal health. None of our cattle are given hormones or antibiotics. All are grass fed and finished without the use of any grain. 


Ducks: Our duck management is equivalent to our layer hens. Although our ducks cover much more ground! They rest safely in our custom made duck house and are let out hours after daylight as well. They are also given a layer pellet upon their return each night! Our fresh duck eggs are collected daily. 


Rabbits: Our farm raised rabbits are kept in our ultra safe barn rabbitry. They are given lots of T&A Hay (Timothy&Alfalfa) and an organic rabbit pellet daily.


Goats: Our pastured goats range freely along with our cattle in paddocks where they are moved frequently. Fresh grass keeps the parasites at bay along with regular FAMACHA checks. In the Winter our goats are given peanut hay to supplement their nutritional needs.